Revise your Content assignment, completing any part of it that you didn’t get to this week (i.e., the First Draft), adding a large-scale, interactive infographic with imagery of your creation.

  • Vet out your text for mistakes in typesetting, spelling, grammar, punctuation as discussed in class.
  • Choose a complementary typeface and incorporate it into your design.
  • Concentrate on possibilities of interactivity in your revision.
  • Infographic should be highly visual in nature, illustrative. It should probably be in one of three general forms. Don’t take these terms too literally; these categories can, do, and often should overlap. Some examples below.

a linear diagram illustrating a process or history

an organizational chart illustrating hierarchies, classifications, procedures

a map guiding the viewer around literal or metaphorical “territory”


PDF file named firstname_lastname_content2.pdf