Type Design

This week's notes:

270.08: Process, Punctuation, Accent Marks

The Process CAP HEIGHT Your Cap Height for flat letters (I, H, X) should be 700pt/px. If it isn’t, you’ll need to calculate the scaling factor: 700/your original cap height x 100 This ONE scaling factor applies to ALL letters.

This week's assignment:

270.02: Midterm Pitch

SKETCH Revise your sketches based on feedback given in class. Choose three (3) sketches as your favorites in terms of style and structure. Two of these will become your Midterm and Final. One is a backup. MIDTERM Your midterm project will be a series of six compositions using one of your lettering styles. Those compositions…

01INTRODUCTIONPrelims and Type Prehistory
02PRELIMINARY SKETCHESSix sketches of illustrated words.Type History (Part 1)
03MIDTERMRevised sketches
Formal Midterm concept pitch
Type History (Part 2)
04MIDTERM26 glyphs of Midterm Typeface (first draft)
Six sketches of midterm compositions
Story: Lyra
S&T: Postilla
05MIDTERMFirst 26 glyphs of Midterm Typeface (revised)
Second 26 glyphs of Midterm typeface (first draft)
Midterm compositions (round 1)
Story: Lost Letters
06MIDTERM/FINAL 1Midterm Typeface Upper & Lower Case complete
Midterm Compositions (round 2)
Verbal Pitch for Final
Story: Ligatures
S&T: Woolman
07MIDTERM/FINAL 2Final compositions for Midterm
PDF of three concepts for Final Typeface
Mood boards | Inspiration | Concept | Keywords brainstorm
Ten (10) exemplar glyph SKETCHES for Final Typeface, using the class’s choice of concept
Optical Compensation
08FINAL 3First-draft PDF of all minuscule (lowercase) characters rendered in Illustrator
Print complete set of minuscules at full optimal size in b/w.
Story: Numerals
S&T: Gazette
09FINAL 4First-draft PDF of all majuscule (uppercase) characters and revised minuscule characters
Print all alphabetic characters at full optimal size in b/w
Story: Punctuation
S&T: Paré Bestiary
10FINAL 5PDF of all letters, revised, and first-draft numerals, punctuation and diacritical marks
Print all glyphs at full optimal size in b/w.
Story: Currency
S&T: $3
11FINAL 6Glyphs file of all characters, including accented characters
Concept sketches for motion specimen and type specimen website per assignment given in class.
S&T: Gillé
12FINAL 7Glyphs file of full typeface with first round of metrics completed. Generated OTF font
PDFs of Kerning test documents
Storyboard/script for motion specimen
S&T: Organisationsbuch
13FINAL 8Glyphs file of full typeface with first round of kerning completed. Generated OTF font
PDFs of revised motion specimen and type specimen microsite.
Story: Commercial @
14FINAL 9Glyphs file of full typeface with metrics/kerning/hinting completed
Generated OTF font and converted web font
PDF of revised motion specimen
Link to built, first-draft type specimen microsite.
15FINAL 10Glyphs file of final, completed typeface
Generated OTF font and converted web font
Final motion specimen
Link to type specimen microsite
Present type specimen microsite